It’s time everyone became aware of their responsibility towards our planet. That’s why, for us at buttertea, sustainability is not just a question of natural or recycled products but an integral approach to everything we do.This is the yardstick against which we measure every decision we take at buttertea. We always ask ourselves what the best possible solution could be to make our products and services as environmentally compatible as possible without compromising on quality.

This thinking goes well beyond our products themselves. Be it our labels and buttons, our packaging or the location of our production operations, we do everything in our power to think and act sustainably in all that we do, while at the same time striving to become even better. And if our bright ideas are not yet feasible for reasons of quality, then we push ahead with our research and talk with our partners so as to ultimately put our ideas into practice and realise our aspirations. At buttertea, we’re driven by a passion for beautiful, durable products – and no less by our love of nature.