Even the highest quality cashmere yarn tends to peel at the beginning. This is related to the spinning process and cannot be avoided. Many tests that we have carried out with our products came to the result that this peeling no longer occurs after two treatments in our cashmere spa. That´s why we decided right from the start of buttertea that we would take on the first two treatments for our customers so that they can concentrate fully on the enjoyment of our products.

With increasing sales we then looked at how we can offer this service to the satisfaction of our customers in the future. It was important for us to find employees who show to the cashmere products as much love and care as we do.

In the middle of these considerations, the pandemic began and in our environment we noticed many lonely elderly people who longed for social contact and a daily mission. So we started to instruct our "young" employees in the treatments and bring them closer to the secrets of the beautiful natural product cashmere.

Today we are happy to see how our new team members enrich the day-to-day work of our entire company with their manual skills and their wealth of experience. We therefore intend to continue this project beyond the Covid-19 period.

We take care, not only for knitwear!