It’s the unique qualities of the fibres that make cashmere so desirable. No other fibre merits so many superlatives: Cashmere is far finer than even the finest wool (cashmere: 14 -16 micron / superfine merino wool: 19 micron); it’s also up to eight times as warm and 33 percent lighter. That’s why garments made from cashmere are so much lighter than their woollen counterparts but still provide far more warmth.

To make sure you can enjoy the companionship of your cashmere favourites for as long as possible, when you shop for cashmere, pay special attention to the quality. In high-quality cashmere, the right construction – the right mix of long and soft fibres – is what makes for a lasting love affair with your cashmere garments, as well as making them easier to care for after the first few washes. So it’s worth remembering that the softest cashmere is not always the best. Because that squishy feel often spells a high proportion of shorter strands, and these are far more likely to pill. When they are well cared for, high-quality cashmere products get more and more squishy over time, while the pilling gets less and less.