Top-quality cashmere calls for experienced herders who really look after their goats − and for the ideal climate. To make sure we get top-quality yarn that meets our discerning standards, we source our raw cashmere from Mongolia and Inner Mongolia. The ancient local tradition of goat herding and the vast swaths of pastureland here make the subtle difference between durable, high-quality garments and conventional cashmere knits.

Top temperatures in summer and the lowest in winter can vary by as much as 100°C. In the harshest winters, the thermometer can drop as low as -60°C, while temperatures between
-30 and -40°C are par for the course. These are the conditions in which cashmere goats produce the best underdown to protect them from the cold.

Another vital factor for high-quality cashmere is that the goats are allowed to roam and forage for food naturally, rather than being kept on farms and provided with food. This way, they have to rely on their coats to protect them from the cold, instead of munching their way to a protective layer of fat.